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Orange Lace Dress

Bardot-Dress, Nordstrom-Dress, Lace-Dress, Orange-Lace-Dress, Bardot, Mexico-City, Travel-Blogger This little orange lace dress was such a surprise to find at Nordstrom a few weeks back! I had seen a similar one last summer in blue but couldn’t justify the price for a spring dress. I wore this dress during our stay in Mexico City and loved the intricate back and lace detail. It’s the perfect throw-on-and-go piece for weekend brunches, baby/bridal showers, girls night out, or your next vacay! Also, if there are any OSU fans (like one of my best friends!) out there, or Tennessee for that matter, this dress would be great for football games!Bardot-Dress, Nordstrom-Dress, Lace-Dress, Orange-Lace-Dress, Bardot, Mexico-City, Travel-BloggerBardot-Dress, Nordstrom-Dress, Lace-Dress, Orange-Lace-Dress, Bardot, Mexico-City, Travel-BloggerBardot-Dress, Nordstrom-Dress, Lace-Dress, Orange-Lace-Dress, Bardot, Mexico-City, Travel-BloggerBardot-Dress, Nordstrom-Dress, Lace-Dress, Orange-Lace-Dress, Bardot, Mexico-City, Travel-Blogger, Sam-Edelman-sandals

Dress, Sandals, Earrings, Sunglasses,  Curling Iron

48 Hours in Mexico City

48-hours-in-mexico-city, mexico-city-travel-guide, travel-blogger, travel-mexico-cityAlthough we stayed longer than 48 hours during our visit to Mexico City, I wanted to share a condensed version of our favorite spots along the way. From where to stay to what to do, this 48 hour guide has everything you need to know for your next visit to “D.F.”

Where to stay:

We stayed at the beautiful Four Seasons Mexico City which was incredible. The property was stunning with a large Courtyard centrally located in the middle of the hotel. Our room had a balcony overlooking the lushious courtyard and outdoor restaurants.

We enjoyed a few meals at the hotel including brunch at Zanaya, lunch at Fifty Mills and one of the most memorable dinners at Il Becco. While everything was delicious, our last dinner on our final night at Il Becco was just beyond! Initially, we were blown away  by the art and large wine cellar in the Italian restaurant. Everything from our appetizer (tuna tartar with quite the presentation!) to our lobster fettuccini (Linguini, Aragosta e Pecorino) for Charles and black truffle + butter pasta for me was exquisite. It was the perfect way to end our stay!

We did not have enough time to experience any spa treatments or anything, but did stop by the pool and gym which were great. The hotel was quiet, immaculately decorated, and the staff (especially the concierge) was extremely helpful and friendly. It was also located in a very central neighborhood between Condesa and Polanco. I highly recommend visiting the Four Seasons Mexico City during your next trip!

If you have any questions for me regarding our stay please feel free to comment below!48-hours-in-mexico-city, mexico-city-travel-guide, travel-blogger, travel-medico-city, travel-blogger, mexico-city-hotels48-hours-in-mexico-city, mexico-city-travel-guide, travel-blogger, travel-medico-city, travel-blogger, mexico-city-hotelsFour-Seasons-Mexico-City, Mexico-City-Restaurant-Review48-hours-in-mexico-city, mexico-city-travel-guide, travel-blogger, travel-medico-city, travel-blogger, mexico-city-hotelsFour-Seasons-Mexico-City, Fifty-Mills-Mexico-City, Travel-bloggerFour-Seasons-Mexico-City, Mexico-City-Restaurant-Review, Zanaya-Mexico-City

What to do:

Restaurants + Drinks:

Besides the aforementioned restaurants at the hotel, I highly recommend visiting Dulce Patria. This was definitely our most memorable meal. Recommended by a friend, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect besides yummy food but that left more excitement upon arrival! The restaurant was decorated with so many flowers, the staff was very friendly, and the food!! Oh my goodness… Besides the delicious cuisine the presentation was stunningly creative. Every detail was beautiful and perfection. I recommend starting with the black bean soup and ending with the Oaxaca chocolate cake.

Make sure to stop at the rooftop terrace at Condesa DF for drinks (the sushi looked delish, too!). The atmosphere was fun and lively with a stunning view! We really loved relaxing over drinks for a few hours until dinner.


We had heard amazing things about Pujol, as well as watched the Chef’s Table episode on Chef Enrique Olvera. Unfortunately, we did not make a reservation in time but we will make sure to do so next time – and you should, too!


One of the things I wanted to do most was visit Casa Luis Barragán. He is a very famous Mexican architect who is remembered for his modern, colorful work and emotional, rather than functional designs.  We were unable to visit Casa Luis Barragán (make sure to book your appointment up to 6 weeks in advance!), his most well-known home turned museum but did have a personal tour of Casa Gilardi. This was the last home he designed and it was booked through our concierge. You can see more images of the house and what I wore here.

What-to-do-in-Mexico-City, Casa-Luis-Barragan, Mexico-City-Travel-Guide, Travel-BloggerMexico-City, Casa-Luis-Barragan, Mexico-City-Travel-GuideWhat-to-do-in-Mexico-City, Casa-Luis-Barragan, Mexico-City-Travel-Guide, Travel-BloggerWhat-to-do-in-Mexico-City, Casa-Luis-Barragan, Mexico-City-Travel-Guide, Travel-Blogger

The San Ángel Saturday Bazaar and Art Fair was recommended to us by our driver, more on him in a minute, and was something we weren’t sure we really cared about initially. But boy, are we glad we went! We walked around the bazaar that was filled with artists and their incredible work, handicrafts, and more. We then walked to the nearby church, Parroquia San Jacinto, which was breathtaking! We continued to walk up and down the neighborhood streets that were full of color, gorgeous homes, and bougainvillea. (Bazaar del Sábado, San Jacinto 11, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City, Mexico, +52 55 5616 0082), Mexico-City-Guide, Travel-Blogger, Mexico-City-Travel

Walk around downtown through the parks, museums, and landmarks. The Palacio de Bella Artes, Constitution Square and House of Tiles are not to be missed!, Mexico-City-Guide, Travel-Blogger, Mexico-City-Travel

We heard great things about the pyramids north of Mexico City. Due to time constraints we weren’t able to make the five hour minimum trip, but this is on our list for next time!

We were lucky enough to book a driver through the hotel upon arrival. We really enjoyed him and wound up booking him all day Saturday as a tour guide/driver, as well. Our entire trip wouldn’t have been the same without him! He was knowledgable about every single thing in the city, professional, genuine, and enjoyable to be around. He encouraged us to try and see so much more than we had originally planned during our stay. If you would like his contact information please feel free to comment below or send me an email!

Visitors Tips

  1.  Uber is safe, fast, and super cheap. On average, our 10-15 minute trips were $2 – $3 USD.
  2. For whatever reason, everyone wears pants rather than shorts, short dresses, skirts, etc. Something to keep in mind when packing!
  3. Sunday’s are amazing, but a bit more quiet. Many restaurants and shops are closed so make sure to check hours and availability when planning your trip!
  4. Unlike other spots we have visited in Mexico that accept US dollars, almost everywhere only took pesos or credit card.
  5. It wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your Spanish ahead of time! We did find, however, that most restaurants had English menus.
  6.  Your typical day in Mexico City starts later than here in the US. Meals are also much later. Lunchtime doesn’t usually start until 2pm and dinner is considered “early” at 8pm. Bars and clubs stay open until at least 4am.
  7. Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world with a population of 26 million people. It is beautiful, colorful, and full of wonderful adventures. We couldn’t recommend it more!!

Red Ruffle Dress

Red-ruffle-dress, BCBG-Dress, BCBG-Careen-Ruffled-Cutout-DressHappy Sunday, friends! I hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend so far. It’s been beautiful here in Dallas and we’ve spent our time outside enjoying the weather and inside trying some new recipes!

I’ve been so excited to share this red ruffle dress with you all and it is currently 30% off!! (If it is sold out, I also found it in a few more sizes here, here and here) I wore it out to dinner one night during our stay in Mexico City at Dulce Patria. It was flirty, fun, but will also be great for upcoming events we have in the spring and summer. I can’t wait to wear it again! Also, these gold earrings have quickly become my new go-to’s! They are super light, under $45, and add the perfect flare to any look 🙂Red-ruffle-dress, BCBG-Dress, BCBG-Careen-Ruffled-Cutout-DressRed-ruffle-dress, BCBG-Dress, BCBG-Careen-Ruffled-Cutout-DressRed-ruffle-dress, BCBG-Dress, BCBG-Careen-Ruffled-Cutout-Dress

Dress (currently 30% off!!) more sizes here, here, and here, Sandals (these would also be great!), Earrings (under $45!), Handbag (love this one, too!), Sunglasses, Lipstick in Lady Danger