Dirty Little Secrets

Today’s topic… Dry shampoo. Although most hair dressers discourage women from washing their hair everyday, some people feel dirty without, which is completely fine.

I do not wash my hair everyday and haven’t since my freshman year in high school. My hair is very thin, extremely tangly, and as a result, fragile. I put as little strain on it as possible and avoid heating tools such as hair dyers, curling irons, etc. when I can. Without washing, dry shampoos are a must! I have tried numerous dry shampoos that are available on the market and here are my thoughts.

1. Pssssst – This is found at CVS which makes it great if you’re in a pinch. It is cheap, works well, and has a faint scent. It’s a go-to of mine.

2. Oscar Blandi – I keep going back to this one. I love how it blends in my hair and it has a fresh smell. Unfortunately, some people think it smells too lemon-y. I disagree completely! You don’t have to use a lot which makes the bottle last for quite some time. It also comes in a travel size which is handy.

3. Bumble and Bumble Spray – I bought this in the blonde shade on vacation when I forgot to bring my dry shampoo on the plane with me. It was on the expensive side, which I don’t mind if it is a good product, but this sprayed a reddish-colored powder in my hair. I returned it the next day.

4. Johnson’s Baby Powder – This is the original dry shampoo. It works well for light blondes but with the powder being white, it can be hard to blend if you have dark hair. Although I like the scent for babies, I don’t like smelling like one when I hug people.

5. Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder – This is what I am using currently. It comes out lightly in a powder form which is nice and smells lovely. By the end of the day it seems to have worn off a little but nothing major. The small bottle goes a very long way!

6. Batiste – Love! Talk about a bang for your buck. This is cheaply priced, smells great, lasts all day, and even distributes a little bit of a blonde color which is helpful if it’s been a while since you’ve visited the hair salon.

7. Big Sexy Hair – Leaves my hair feeling crunchy. It felt like more of a hairspray than a dry shampoo.

8. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – On the expensive side and totally worth it. The smell is magical. Creates amazing texture and volume for your hair (especially if you have thin hair like me). Also is great for creating those sexy beach waves.

9. SachaJuan Volume Powder – This was sold to me as a dry shampoo which I do not think it does a good job serving that purpose. It sprays out white (but does come in another color option I believe) but doesn’t help much for second day hair.

10. Victoria’s Secret So Sexy – It has been a while since I have used this product but I do like it. Just like all of their beauty products, it has a wonderful smell. It is moderately priced and comes out in spray form.

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  1. June 11, 2014 / 9:23 pm

    I am ALWAYS on the search for a great dry shampoo! I love Pssssst! I just started using the Dove dry shampoo b/c CVS was out of Pssst – I really like it! Nice scent and texture too! Have you ever tried baking soda instead of baby powder?! It does the same trick minus the smelling like a baby!

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