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I don’t know about you, but I am a creature of habit! Of course, I do branch out, but when it comes to certain things I am a routine queen. Especially when it comes to makeup! Today I am sharing my everyday make up products that I could not live without! The great news is ALL of the products I use and talk about below are on sale today at Sephora for all members so I suggest trying to few of my faves or picking up some of your tried and true products! Please note, VIB members get 15% off with code: YAYVIB and Beauty Insiders get 10% off with code: YAYINSIDER. You can also sign up to be a member here!

In high school I really started to become interested in makeup and I always think it was because we wore school uniforms. Playing around with makeup was something I could have control over and fun with. Before high school, my middle school didn’t have uniforms so expressing myself through clothes was something I loved! With that change in 9th grade, makeup became my new way of self expression. Now, I am not as playful or daring but stick to my go-to’s which are tried and true and I highly recommend them!

So, let’s get to it, shall we?! First up, I always moisturize and for the past 3 years or so, this is the moisturizer I love. It is super hydrating yet doesn’t leave that oily feeling after application. It is a great base under makeup and continues to hydrate and keep your face glowing all day.

Next up, I use this foundation (that I swear by!) in shade 20 and apply it all over my face with a damp beauty blender. I am very particular when it comes to foundation. I want coverage, but not the cake-y look, and I want my skin to look flawless. Too much to ask? Well, this foundation is the answer!

The next step in my routine is concealer and I have to admit, I am not totally sold on one particular brand yet. I have used this under eye corrector which does a great job, I used this one for my wedding, and I am currently using this one that has wonderful reviews. If you all have any recommendations for me, I am all ears!

After that, I use this setting powder. I started using this product 2 years ago and have convinced so many of my friends to try it (they all now own it!). It’s that good. I use the translucent shade and apply it with this brush. I then apply this bronzer to my cheek bones with the help of this brush.

From there, I move on to my brows. Ever since I started filling them in, I have used powder and this brush. I still do that, but I have recently added a new, holy grail product. Enter this brow volumizing fiber gel. I love, love this product! It is very buildable, adds color + volume, but also sets the brows for the day. It is so great!

Almost done! Are you still with me? I then apply my liquid eyeliner with a cat-eye flick at the end. I have done this for soooo long now and really only put on eyeliner at night because it helps me look more awake, I believe. This is what I currently use!

One of my most crucial steps in the whole makeup process, and one of the tools I cannot live without is this. Curling my lashes makes a huge difference, and for anyone who doesn’t do this step, I dare you to try this curler!

Next, I apply one coat of a drugstore mascara and then two coats of this one. Why do I switch between two? I have no idea! Again, the whole creature of habit thing – I have done it forever and think it makes a difference! Who knows?! Lastly, I put a swipe of this lip color on and toss it in my bag to reapply throughout the day. I use both colors Rose and Petal, and absolutely love the formula complete with SPF that leaves my lips moisturized with just the right amount of color for the day!

 I would love to hear your routine, products you swear by, or even your signature fragrance!!

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