Festival Gear

Festival_Gear_finalKate T-Shirt /Neon Necklace/Sunglasses/Patterned Skirt/BKR Bottle/Red+Pink Strip Crop Bodice Dress/Leopard Sandals/Rose Flower Crown/Universal Charger/Friendship Bracelets/Yellow Dress/Ray-Ban Sunglasses/Hat/Fujifilm Camera/Jeweled Sandals/Dannijo Necklace/butter Nail Polish/Green Jumpsuit/Booties/Blue Duffle Bag/White Eyelet Set

With festival season in full swing thanks to the kick off from SXSW last month, I wanted to share some of my personal favorite pieces that are currently on the web and perfect for these events. The reality of festivals is that attendees often put quite a bit of thought into planning their daily looks. Hopefully my board above can simplify this process for you. I have attended a number of festivals myself and want to share some tips with you below that I have benefitted from in the past.

First off, try to enjoy the moment rather than being on social media the whole time. You’ve traveled or paid money to be there and it is important to really BE there. Secondly, stay hydrated. Most places will not allow you to bring liquid in, however, there are fill-up stations around so it is convenient to byob (bring your own bkr). I became a fan of bkr bottles back when I lived in Los Angeles, and I am finally seeing them in stores in Texas. They are made of glass, BPA-free, and available in fashionably fun colors on their site. Thirdly, when you’re out on the festival grounds all day your phone is bound to die, therefore bring along a universal charger that fits easily into your cross body bag. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the music!

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