Flower Arranging

2015-02-08_0001 I’m talking about something a little different today… flowers! I constantly share images of flowers on my blog and Instagram because they bring so much happiness to my life. Today I am showing you how to make an easy, 5-minute arrangement, without breaking the bank. 2015-02-08_0002Step 1. Pick up any flowers you want. Today I went with hydrangeas, roses, and little green things that look like asparagus.2015-02-08_0006Step 2. Remove the leaves from the rose stems and the outer petals. Discard.2015-02-08_0007Step 3. Measure the hydrangea stem next to the vase of your choice. The bloom should be sitting on the edge of the lid. 2015-02-08_0009Step 4. Cut the stem at the appropriate height and place into the vase. (Note: for hydrangeas, do not cut on the stem knots)2015-02-08_00112015-02-08_0017Step 5. Place the roses into the vase through they hydrangea flowers.2015-02-08_0023Done!  A simple and easy bouquet in minutes!2015-02-08_00372015-02-08_00342015-02-08_00302015-02-08_00292015-02-08_0027Top

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