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As of late, I have been purchasing more skincare and beauty items than anything else. Today I wanted to share some of my recent buys as well as why I have been loving them.

Let’s start with this Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. I have seen so many of my favorite bloggers share this cult favorite and I had to give it a try. It is a balm that you simply rub directly onto your face (with your makeup on and no water) and it easily and gently removes all the dirt, grime, and makeup from the day. I am obsessed! I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner but I am so happy to have found this product. As silly as it sounds, it makes me excited to take off my makeup and apply my nighttime products before bed.

After I have a clean, bare face at night I apply this squalane + vitamin C rose oil by Biossance. It is a clean beauty product which I am trying to fully switch over to and it makes my dry skin feel moisturized and illuminated. I also use this on a fresh face if I know I will be home during the day so it can soak in. Lastly, after I apply my foundation/concealer I dab my beauty blender into this oil and tap it into my face adding a little more dewyness to my everyday makeup. If you can’t tell, I love any excuse to use this product!

Speaking of clean beauty, I have talked before about my switch to natural deodorant here on the blog. While I no longer use the first one I initially switched to (it stopped working for me once I was in my third trimester) I have really been loving the Kopari coconut oil deodorant. Not only does it work well, but it is a gel-like consistency that glides on easily and does not leave any residue behind. My husband also uses this product!

I bought this Glossier SPF when I was in New York last September after trying a little bit on my hand in the flagship store. It is very lightweight, breathable, and most importantly clear! I wear this under my beauty or skincare products daily.

Moving onto lips, I have a number of new items. Starting with this lip treatment I have really been enjoying! I apply it nightly and wake up with soft, hydrated lips. I received this Gucci lipstick for Christmas and I have to admit I love the packaging! Even better, the lipstick is the most beautiful nude shade but is offered in many other colors, as well. My makeup bag is almost 100% Charlotte Tilbury at this point, you guys. From foundation to powder, to eyeshadow to lips – I just can’t get enough. I truly love her brand. I’ve had this lip cheat liner in Pillow Talk (along with the best ever lipstick!) for a while but recently started using the liner again. It adds fullness to my lips without looking overdone. I also picked up this gloss after it was recommended on an Instagram page I love following. While it does have a noticeable scent, I am enjoying the color and formula of this latex gloss. And finally from Charlotte Tilbury is this blush. I have never been one to wear a lot of blush because I have rosactia, but I’ve been wearing this one and enjoying the subtle color and glow it gives to my cheeks.

Lastly, one of my favorite topics – dry shampoo! I have talked about this many times on my blog as well but I have been using dry shampoo since high school. It’s safe to say that I have tried almost every brand! While my go-to will always be Dry Bar, I have been giving this one by Alterna Hair Care a try. I really like how it “poofs” right into your roots and is a powder you can rub in. If you have a favorite dry shampoo please weigh in below!











  1. Heather
    January 28, 2020 / 6:16 pm

    Good new products to try!
    Thanks for texting them for us!

  2. March 12, 2020 / 6:19 pm

    I love the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm and the Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Rose oil! Alterna also has so many great hair products!

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