Quick Living Room Update!

Living Room, home decor, colorful, leopard pillows, palm print art, orchis, flowers, tufted couch, eclecticI wanted to share a quick picture of our living room and a few slight changes we’ve made. I am currently on the hunt for a new rug and completely open to suggestions if y’all have any for me! I’ve linked as many of the products as I could find down below, but keep in mind – I buy only the things I love – which can take time (hence the reason none of the rooms in our house are 100% complete!). Shop our living room decor below and feel free to ask a question if you don’t see something listed!

PS. Stay tuned for my office reveal coming (hopefully!!) soon!! You guys, I can barely contain myself… eeeekkk!!

Couch / Coffee Table / Chairs / Floor Lamp / Round Side Table / Bar Cart (used as side table) / Acrylic Tray / Leopard Pillows / Palm Leaf Prints here (I, II, III) / Orchid

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