Wedding Wednesday: Guest Dress Etiquette


‘Tis the season of weddings, right?! We have 12 more this year (not including our own!) which means it’s time to stock up on dresses! Today, I wanted to talk today about the Do’s and Don’ts of wedding guest dress etiquette. I get numerous questions and emails from readers and friends about what to wear and what is appropriate, so I figured I would answer all of your questions here! Feel free to comment below if I have have additional requests!


Do take note of attire recommendations if specified on the invitation. The couple has taken the time to decide the dress based on their wedding venue, time of day/night, and design aesthetic, so it is important to be courteous. If the dress is not specified, consider factors such as the location. For instance, if the wedding is taking place on a beach, maybe opt for a flowy maxi such as this one  (available in 4 colors and only $52!) or a vibrant print like this dress. If the wedding is at country club or city club how about something evening cocktail like this or this?

Make sure to wear an outfit that you will be comfortable in all night! Try to avoid low cut dresses or garments that may malfunction (think a windy day and a high side slit dress!). An easy, causal shift dress like this, this (love this and the 4 color options!) or this ruffle one will be comfortable, breathable, and great for dancing the night away!

**Personal tip! I always like to bring one of these wraps with me to cover my shoulders  or if it is on the chilly side! They are under $100 and available in 19 colors.

On that note, make sure to wear shoes that are equally as comfortable. Wedges are always great (like these), or a dainty flat, or a small heel. If you do want to wear your new sky high heels (I am totally with you – beauty is pain, right?!) then I recommend bringing foldable flats, like these, with you for the dance floor.


Let’s start with the big one… Do not wear white! Or any shade or white such as cream, eggshell, or anything that may take away from the bride. With colors such as ivory, blush, and even light grey becoming popular among brides, it would also be smart to avoid those hues, if possible. If you have any doubts about your dress, it’s better to be safe than sorry. How about trying a pop of color like this dress or a cheerful print like this?

As mentioned previously, do not wear anything inappropriate. If you are curious, just ask yourself if you would feel comfortable wearing your outfit in front of your grandparents! 🙂 Not only is it impolite, personally, I find it annoying having to look down all the time to make sure the girls aren’t popping out! I’ll be the first to say I love a good mini or cut-out number, but save these for another occasion.

I’ve included over 50 dresses below, separated by category. I hope you find something perfect for your upcoming wedding!

Outdoor Wedding:

Beach Wedding:

Country Club:

Black Tie Wedding:

Under $100 Options:

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      April 7, 2016 / 12:30 am

      Thank you, Lauren!! Floral is always fun an unexpected for a wedding, huh?! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!! XO

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