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If there is one thing I heard while I was pregnant, it was how quickly you go through diapers. They are 100% a necessity but it was initially shocking seeing truly how many are used in a day! As I have mentioned in other posts, I believe that it is important to try different brands and see what works best for your family. After seeing Hello Bello diapers at my sister-in-law’s house, I was intrigued by the darling designs and wanted to learn more about the new-to-me brand.

Hello Bello is a plant based product line at Walmart created by Kristen Bell + Dax Shepherd. The diapers, specifically, are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp, and incredibly absorbent. They are free of lotion, fragrance, chlorine and phthalates which is very important to me. Thinking about the amount of time that little ones spend in diapers (non-stop!) and with how absorbent skin is, finding a “clean” diaper makes me feel at ease. I have been trying to make as many possible changes to our lives that include clean products and am so happy to have found a diapers solution that is affordable. Oh, and did I mention how adorable the designs are?! They are constantly coming out with new patterns! Currently, I am loving the little ‘Sleepy Sloths‘, ‘Pees in a pod‘, and ‘Hear Our Roars‘ dinasoars. If you have a girl I would check out the adorable, seasonally appropriate ‘Fallin for you‘ leaves.

Besides diapers, the clean line also includes wipes, shampoo/wash, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, diaper bags, and more. All of the Hello Bello products are budget friendly, and are created with the childs health at top of mind. Whether these values align with yours or if you are interested in trying a budget-friendly diaper, I would highly recommend looking further into Hello Bello at Walmart. The best part about this brand is that it was created so that you don’t have to choose health or budget – you can have both!





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