Wedding Wednesday: Shoes

On today’s Wedding Wednesday I wanted to share some shoe-spiration for every type of bride! The few most important things to remember…

  1. Comfort is key!

You’ll be wearing these shoes all day + night, standing up, sitting down, dancing, walking down the aisle (hello!!), etc. and there is nothing worse than your dogs barking all night 😉 If you’re more of the “beauty is pain” type of gal, (I’m right there with you!) then maybe opt for a flat for the reception!

2. Don’t worry about matching your dress!

If you’re a matchy, matchy person this may be a tough rule to follow. I believe that it is more important to wear your dream shoe on the big day than trying to find something that matches perfectly. Besides, it will most likely be hidden under your dress! My suggestion is to pick out the shoe that shoe that makes your heart skip a beat – or what about your shoe being the “something blue”?! My favorites are these, these, and these.

3. Stay true to yourself!

This is YOUR big day! Yes, we have all browsed through endless images on Pinterest, wedding sites, magazines, and seen the most beautiful ceremonies and receptions. Is it just me or can this get a bit overwhelming?! Rather than being influenced by other gorgeous weddings, try to stay true to yourself! At the end of the day, you want every detail to reflect you and your partner!

I’ve broken down my selections and suggestions by style and category! You can shop the below products by clicking directly on the shoe or to look at more options, use the right and left arrows to find the perfect shoe for you!



Something Blue:


As for my wedding shoes, I can’t wait to share them with y’all! I am just trying to find when the right time is… I will say that they are soooo comfortable, one of my all time favorite heels, and my favorite color (hint, hint!) XO


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